Who we are

NiP-Strategies provides strategic patent litigation consulting services that companies and law firms can utilize before the litigation begins. Additionally, we also provide on-going litigation support services in a timely and cost-effective manner. This allows companies and law firms to obtain the most favorable outcomes efficiently and on budget.

Our Firm

Our goal is to provide unique and cost-effective solutions resulting in the most favorable outcomes for our clients.

Our background in technology and patent law along with our experience in working on marquee patent cases allows us to serve our clients in a manner that exceeds their expectations. Specifically, the NiP-Strategy team acts as resource that companies and/or law firms can use for performing their routine pre-litigation and on-going litigation tasks that are time consuming, and also assists them in their strategic and tactical planning and analysis. This allows our clients to stay one step ahead of their competitors and/or opposing counsel.

With Vinay’s thought leadership and extensive experience in litigating high stakes and complex patent cases, the firm understands the strategic and tactical considerations involved in such cases. This reduces the amount of supervision firms have to provide to the NiP-Strategies team. Because we stay current with technology issues and case law, our work product passes muster under the scrutiny of judges, especially under the current legal framework

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District Court Local rules

Specificity in pleadings is quickly becoming the rule
When it comes to pleadings, specificity is key in ensuring that your pleading is successful. This is particularly true in many popular districts, like the Northern District of California...
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