Fact and Expert Discovery support

We provide support on all technical aspects related to the litigation. Our services include:

  • Drafting detailed Rule 11-compliant Infringement charts
  • Prior Art Searching
  • Drafting invalidity charts
  • Drafting non-infringement and validity reports
  • Providing Claim Construction Support
  • Document Review services to help counsel formulate appropriate infringement and invalidity positions and identify exhibits to be used for discovery correspondence and for inclusion in reports and motions.
  • Deposition support services
    • Drafting deposition outlines
    • Reviewing deposition transcripts to highlight areas of interest for counsel
  • Performing source code review and drafting source code review reports
  • Performing product tear down and reverse engineering services

Regardless of the reason you need to litigate, NiP-Strategies can help. Please fill out our contact form so we can provide you with an in-depth consultation and plan for your litigation needs.


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